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Pedro Magalhães

Há uma coisa que os defensores do “cheque-ensino” tendem a esquecer.
gostava que me explicassem sobre o “cheque-ensino”. Vamos imaginar que uma das críticas geralmente apontadas – a de que o montante nunca seria suficiente para que uma família destituída
The only major change the new Social Democratic government were able to institute after 1994 was to prohibit extra fees beyond the value of the voucher – this measure was claimed to counteract social segregation in the private schools. Overall, public support has remained strong – segregation has not increased, and various educational models have been able to establish themselves on a broader basis (most notably, the private Montessori schools have also influenced the educational model of the public schools).
In 2006, 7% of Swedish primary school students and 13% of secondary school students attended private schools.

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