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Pedro Magalhães

Análises para todos os gostos…

…dos politólogos americanos de serviço durante a madrugada, aqui. Exemplos:

Clinton +:

“Obama thought that if he could win one of the big ones, he could end it tonight,” said Sandy Maisel, Colby political scientist. “He’s shown he is viable, but I don’t think he has proven he can knock her off yet.”

I was beginning to feel optimistic,” said Notre Dame political scientist Darren Davis. “I bought into the fascination with Obama as the primary season went on.” Obama’s success winning support from blacks, independents, the college educated and young voters is “all well and good, but not significant enough to counteract the traditional Democratic base.”

Obama +:

“I think Obama is pretty well positioned, although he did not get the real hits on Clinton that he wanted, like NJ or CA,” said [Norman] Ornstein. “He now enters a stretch for three weeks where he will do well and she will not — he could win all of the contests before March 4. And in Texas, an open primary may help him. Add to that his substantial money advantage and the momentum he brought into tonight, and he is very, very viable.”

“”It seems clear to me that Obama is viable. His appeal is broad and national in scope,” said [Mark] Hetherington. “

“David Leege, a colleague of Davis’ at Notre Dame, contended that “Obama remains viable.” Obama’s campaign aides “set their sites a little too high, but they can still spin the number and location of the states they have carried. Clinton, of course, stopped his momentum again. Chesapeake [the February 12 primaries in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia] is promising for Obama. Ohio and Texas [on March 4] will be tough, especially the latter, because the same folks [Latinos] who are the difference for Clinton in California are in abundance in Texas.”

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