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Pedro Magalhães

Changing patterns of voting behaviour and party competition

I would like to share an invitation from Lorenzo de Sio and Romain Lachat, who will be chairing a section on “Changing patterns of voting behaviour and party competition” at the 2014 ECPR General Conference, Glasgow, 3-6 September 2014. This section is supported by the ECPR Standing Group on Public Opinion and Voting Behaviour. The outline of the section can be found here (Section S006).

Interested participants are invited to submit a paper or panel proposal. The official deadline is February 15th. However, in order to better coordinate the proposals and to organize coherent panels, Lorenzo and Romain ask interested participants to contact them or the appropriate panel chairs in advance before the end of January.

The section will include eight panels. For six of these, a provisional topic has already been defined and a panel chair has been designated:

• National electoral consequences of the financial crisis – yours truly (
• Leaders’ effects and personalization – Marina Costa Lobo (
• Political participation – Aina Gallego (
• Campaign and media effects – Susan Banducci (
• Partisanship – Paolo Bellucci (
• European Elections – Hermann Schmitt (

If your paper proposal clearly fits one of these panels, we encourage you to send your paper proposal directly to the appropriate panel chair. Please do so quickly, so as to allow her or him to assemble paper proposals into a full panel proposal by Feb 15th. If your paper proposal does not correspond to one of these topics, or if you want to propose a new panel topic, please contact Lorenzo and Romain directly (, They will define the additional panels based on the paper proposals they receive.

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