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Pedro Magalhães

De como as perguntas determinam as respostas

Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg Poll. Sept. 19-22, 2008. N=1,428 adults nationwide. MoE ± 3.
“Do you think the government should use taxpayers’ dollars to rescue ailing private financial firms whose collapse could have adverse effects on the economy and market, or is it not the government’s responsibility to bail out private companies with taxpayers’ dollars?”
Use Taxpayers’ Dollars: 31%
Not Government’s Responsibility: 55%
Unsure: 14%

Pew Research Center survey conducted by Opinion Research Corporation. Sept. 19-22, 2008. N=1,003 adults nationwide. MoE ± 3.5.
“As you may know, the government is potentially investing billions to try and keep financial institutions and markets secure. Do you think this is the right thing or the wrong thing for the government to be doing?”
Right Thing: 57%
Wrong Thing: 30%
Unsure: 13%

Fonte: Polling Report

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