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Pedro Magalhães

European Social Survey, wave 6

The Public Opinion Portal already includes aggregate data for several wave 6 ESS surveys, namely for a large number of European countries included in the integrated file, edition 1.0, surveys whose fieldwork took place in late 2012/early 2013. The updated data include the following indicators, which are shown at the aggregate national level. For reasons of simplicity, links will lead you to graphs comparing Portugal with Spain, Germany and the UK, but you can add and subtract countries at will and also change graph type from line to bar to compare all countries:

Support for allowing entry of immigrants of different race/ethnic group.

Support for allowing entry of immigrants of poorer countries.

Support for allowing entry of immigrants of same race/ethnic group.

Position on whether immigration enriches (or undermines) cultural life.

Position on whether immigration is good (or bad) for economy.

Position on whether immigration makes country a better (or worse) place.

Agreement with “lesbians and gays should be free to live their life as they wish”.

Frequency of meeting “socially with friends, relatives or work colleagues.”

Frequency of taking “part in social activities.”

Perception of happinness.

Perception of health.

Satisfaction with life.

Having someone with whom one can discuss personal matters.


Frequency of prayer.

Attendance of religious services.

Soon, we’ll have interpersonal trust, interest in politics, and a number of other indicators. So far, a few interesting things:

1. Something’s up with religiosity in Portugal.

2. Tolerance vis-à-vis gays and lesbians increasing in Catholic countries.

3. Portuguese (and Norwegians) more gregarious than Spaniards? Hum…

4. Crisis changes attitudes towards immigration in one direction in some countries, the opposite in others.

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