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Pedro Magalhães

Eurosondagem, 20-25 Oct, n=1032, Tel.

Unsurprisingly, following the 2012 budget plans, not very good news for the Portuguese government in the most recent poll. Government approval drops 7 points in relation to the previous poll by the same company, and there’s now more people disapproving than approving. Drop in voting intentions for the PSD is less impressive: a 2.4 drop, bringing it to 36.9%, and a 3.4 drop in the lead over PS. Tomorrow, I believe, we’ll know results on questions about the budget and its measures. What do you expect?

P.S- Here it goes: 81% oppose budget proposal, 80% against bonus cuts, 58% distrust the government, 63% support the strike and don’t think the budget targets will be achieved. Disappointing that, as usual, most Portuguese pollsters offer no breakdown of results by party ID, or vote intention, or, in this case, whether respondents are civil service workers or pensioners.

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