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BBC Editoral Guidelines

Reporting opinion polls
The following rules for reporting the findings of voting intention polls in the United Kingdom conducted by any polling organisation must be applied:

– we do not lead a news bulletin or programme simply with the results of a voting intention poll.
– we do not headline the results of a voting intention poll unless it has prompted a story which itself deserves a headline and reference to the poll’s findings is necessary to make sense of it.
-we do not rely on the interpretation given to a poll’s results by the organisation or publication which commissioned it. We should look at the questions, the results and the trend.
– we report the findings of voting intention polls in the context of trend. The trend may consist of the results of all major polls over a period or may be limited to the change in a single pollster’s findings. Poll results which defy trends without convincing explanation should be treated with particular care.
– we do not use language which gives greater credibility to the polls than they deserve. We should say polls “suggest” but never “prove” or even “show”.
-we report the expected margin of error if the gap between the contenders is within the margin. Television and online graphics should always show the margin of error.
– we report the organisation which carried out the poll and the organisation or publication which commissioned it. This information too should always be shown in television and online graphics.
– we report the dates of the fieldwork, and include them in television and online graphics, and draw attention to events which may have had a significant effect on public opinion since it was done.
– we report whether the poll was carried out face to face, by telephone or over the internet.

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