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Pedro Magalhães

Merry As You Like It

Estados Unidos, FOX News/Opinion Dynamics Poll, Nov. 29-30, 2005. N=900, Telefónica

Around this time of year, there is talk about whether holiday decorations on public property should include a nativity scene. Some say nativity scenes should not be on public property because this violates the separation of church and state. Others say it is acceptable for nativity scenes to be on public property because they are part of the historical celebration of Christmas. What is your view? Should nativity scenes be allowed on public property, or not?
Allowed: 83%
Not Allowed12%

Are you offended by stores that instruct employees not to say ‘Merry Christmas’ and make it a policy to specifically not use the words ‘Merry Christmas’ in advertising and promotions?
No: 49%
Unsure: 6%

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