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Pedro Magalhães

Pennsylvania, 2

A propósito da campanha Clinton na penúltima NYRB. Lembrei-me muito de mim e do meu dedinho:

The Clinton campaign’s false assumption—based on a 350-page, state-by-state study in the summer of 2007 by key strategist Mark Penn—that Clinton’s victory was “inevitable” led to a series of mistakes: (1) presenting herself as the “inevitable” nominee; (2) prematurely running a general election campaign; (3) assuming that the race would be over on February 5—Super Tuesday; and (4) believing that a number of small states that held caucuses could be skipped. And if Penn’s strategy didn’t work there was no Plan B. It’s never a good idea to have a pollster in an important policy position in a campaign, since he or she can design the polling to get the answers he or she wants, as some believed Penn had done in the Clinton White House.

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