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Sarkozy Cuts Off ‘Stupid’ CBS Interview

NEW YORK (AP) — France’s president abruptly ended a “60 Minutes” interview aimed at introducing him to U.S. audiences, dubbing it “stupid” and a “big mistake” and refusing to answer questions about his wife.
Before the CBS news show interview in Paris even began, Sarkozy called his press secretary “an imbecile” for arranging the session on a busy day.
“I don’t have the time. I have a big job to do, I have a schedule,” Sarkozy said through a translator before the interview began. In English, he added: “Very busy. Very busy.”
In the interview conducted earlier this month and aired Sunday night, he candidly discussed what he likes about the U.S. But he grew frustrated when asked about his wife, Cecilia, who helped negotiate the release of five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor charged with infecting Libyan children with HIV and then failed to show up at a ceremony in which Sarkozy was given a medal by Bulgaria.
“If I had to say something about Cecilia, I would certainly not do so here,” Sarkozy replied.
He declared the interview over and said: “Bon courage.” Two weeks later, the Sarkozys’ divorce was announced.
O vídeo está aqui.

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