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Pedro Magalhães

Sondagem na Palestina

É em alturas como estas que me lembro de uma razão fundamental para que as sondagens devam existir: para que os cidadãos sejam ouvidos, e para que as suas vozes não sejam substituídas pelos palpites de quem acha que “sabe” o que “nós” queremos ou o que “eles” querem. Alguns exemplos:

Margem Ocidental e Faixa de Gaza, Jerusalem Media & Communication Center – Public Opinion Poll Unit, 8-12 Fevereiro, N=1200, Aleatória, Presencial

Q12. The PA is committed to the option of political negotiations with Israel. Do you believe that the new government headed by Hamas has to continue with the political negotiations, stop the political negotiations and should adopt other options?
To continue with the political negotiations: 66.3%
Stop the political negotiations 29.6%
No answer: 4.1%

Q17. Some believe that a two-state formula is the favored solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while others believe that historic Palestine cannot be divided and thus the favored solution is a bi-national state on all of Palestine where Palestinians and Israelis enjoy equal representation and rights. Which of these solutions do you prefer?
Two-state solution: an Israeli and a Palestinian: 57.9%
Bi-national state on all of historic Palestine: 22.3%
One Palestinian state:10.5%
Islamic state: 2.7%
No solution: 3.9%
Don’t know 1.6%
No answer 1.1%

Q19. Do you support the resumption of the military operations against Israeli targets as a suitable response within the current political conditions, or do you oppose them and find them harmful to Palestinians national interests?
I oppose them and find them harmful to Palestinian national interests: 51.5%
Suitable response within the current political conditions: 43.8%
Others: 0.3%
Don’t know: 2.8%
no answer 1.6%

Q20. Hamas has executed violent operations against Israeli targets inside Israel and in the West Bank and Gaza strip against civilians and against military troops, now and after Hamas victory in the PLC elections, do you believe that Hamas should continue with such operations or that it should halt them?
Hamas has to stop its operations: 51.7%
Hamas has to continue with its operations: 39.1%
No answer 9.2%

Q24. If you voted for Hamas , why so?*
Religious Factors: 18.8%
Hope to end the Corruption: 43.0%
Hope to live in better living conditions: 10.7%
For their political agenda: 11.8%
To stop Fateh’s control over the government:7.5%
Others 2.1%
No answer: 6.1%

*This question was asked who said that they voted for Hamas

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