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Pedro Magalhães



Public opinion, politics and the economy (2013)

This module will focus on the relationship between the economy and the political attitudes and behaviors of mass publics. The module should be seen as an itinerary through some of the political science literature on this topic, which understandably is less likely to be familiar to economics students like yourelves (although we’ll make a few forays into other fields too). We’ll be more concerned with range than with depth. In other words, although the themes addressed in each day of sessions could easily justify a full semester, we’ll be covering a lot of ground and many themes, hopefully creating an appetite for deeper inquiry for each one of them.

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Government 479/543: Polls, Surveys, and Public Opinion (Fall 2011)

The intent of this course is to provide an introduction to the methodology of polls and surveys, to the sources of error in the data they generate and in the inferences based on those data, and to some of their uses for the study of public opinion, cultural values and political behavior.

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