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Pedro Magalhães

Teorias sobre o fiasco das sondagens em NH

Para todos os gostos, mas alguma convergência naquelas que têm já algum apoio empírico:

1. What was going on with the New Hampshire polls? Excessiva filtragem dos votantes menos prováveis, ponderações amostrais e o “Bradley effect” (eleitores dizem que votam em candidato negro e depois não o fazem)..

2. Why presidential polls are wrong? Recuperação de última hora de Hillary.

3. Pollsters Review Tactics After Forecast `Fiasco’ . Recuperação de última hora de Hillary.

4. Pollsters flummoxed by New Hampshire primary. The New Hampshire contrarians.

5. Ballot Changes Cited in Vote’s Discrepancy With Polls. A ordem dos candidatos nos boletins. isto é para levar a sério: Krosnick é uma das pessoas na academia que mais sabe sobre sondagens.

6. New Hampshire: So What Happened? Recuperação de última hora de Hillary e “Bradley effect”.

7. Why were the polls wrong in New Hampshire? Mostly all of the above, excelente síntese por Anthony Wells.

E outras aqui, aqui e até uma conspiração aqui. Uma síntese (irónica): How the world will explain Clinton’s win despite final polling showing her way behind Obama

“Didn’t factor in the 24 hours of tears? The fact that New Hampshirites like to make news? That independents turned out for McCain and Clinton as well as for Obama? That without Huckabee as a factor, the McCain-Romney fight was taken more seriously in the end? That all those comments that she was bussing in people from New York and Massachusetts to pad the crowds were the nonsense some always suspected them to be? That Bill Clinton acting out and saying crazy things reminded people that they were once sympathetic to his wife? That her debate performance was mocked by the pundits but loved by the voters? The lingering impression of Billy Shaheen’s pre-Iowa words? The shadowy hand of Michael Whouley? That negative attacks — through the mail on issues such as abortion — work? The appeal of Clinton to 20 somethings? The ‘doer versus talker’ message? All those prominent women supporters in a state that has a lot of women elected leaders? The Chris Matthews hug? That Obama has limited appeal to blue-collar Democrats in places like Epping? That she took questions in town meetings at the end, which New Hampshire voters really like? That Obama had a Tom Bradley-Doug Wilder problem? More coming….”

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